Due to how extensive our data collection process was and how many steps were involved, it took a while to get some usable results back, but when we did we had a lot of really useful information. The results showed that we have students with a wide range of ages ­ 6­-19. The children also have a wide range of interests, both in and out of school. We decided to break the students into four different age groups: 6-­8, 9-­12, 13-­15, and 16-­19. This way it is easier to look at the interests and language ability of each group to narrow it down and to tailor more to their wants and needs.

The 6-­12 age group, (three boys and two girls) indicated they like outdoor activities such as running, gardening, soccer and playing with friends. They also like a variety of other sports like jump-rope and swimming. Interestingly, several children across all age groups listed plasticine – a type of modeling clay – as one of their interests. This can also be incorporated very easily into learning English. Their favorite subjects in school are art, sports, math and English – all of which would be easy to incorporate into our camp. They all also have very little experience learning English (1 or 2 years), which is to be expected since they are only 6 years old. But this means we will need to tailor the curriculum to meet their basic language needs. None of them stated that they had any experience listening to English, so this would be one area we could work on. There was some consistency in their preferred careers as well. They listed several first responder type occupations such as firefighter, policeman, lifeguard and nurse, as well as mechanic, painter and fruit and vegetable seller.

The 9­-12 age group (three girls and two boys) also had a wide range of interests. Sports, art and music seem to be very popular among this age range, as well as other activities such as gardening and selling fruits and vegetables. Their favorite subjects in school are music, sports, English, religion, art, and math, as well as French and Romanian. But as this will be an English camp, we probably won’t be incorporating those subjects. Although one student stated that math was their favorite subject, the majority said it was their least favorite and therefore we will not include it in the camp. The children in this age group have studied English for 2­-5 years and are most likely at least a high-­beginner level. The careers they listed were singer, teacher, auto mechanic, soccer coach, farmer/gardener, chef and saleswoman. Several of these can definitely be incorporated into our curriculum.

The interests of the 13-­15 age group (four girls and two boys) were slightly less varied. Soccer and running were their favorite sports and their interests in school were sports, science, English, art, music and religion. They like other languages such as Romanian and Latin but we will most likely not be incorporating these into our curriculum. Math was also unanimously their least favorite subject so this will not be a part of our curriculum either. These children have studied English for 7 and 9 years, except for one who has only studied it for 3 years. Several of these children stated that they want to be teachers while the rest chose professions such as hairdresser, baker, drive, travel agent and veterinarian.

The interests and English learning experience of the 16­-19 age group (five boys and three girls) is more varied, which is to be expected since this group covers a wider range of ages and contains more children. Soccer, volleyball, running and parkour were their favorite sports and their other interests are things such as manual labor, computers, music, cooking and driving. They like many different subjects in school but sports was the most popular. Some of the others were drawing, history, Romanian, math and geography, but unfortunately none of them said English. Hopefully we can change that! Their experience learning English ranges from 2­-10 years experience which probably means they have a wide range in ability as well. We will have to assess the situation and plan accordingly. They also listed a wide range of careers such as art teacher, painter, manicurist, travel agent, English teacher and beekeeper. Several of these could also easily incorporated into our curriculum.