Our goals

When children of Project Romanian Rescue graduate high school, the organization helps them for as long as possible during their transition to independence. However, they ultimately must move out of the group home and begin a life on their own. So what are these kids to do? Work? Go to college? Despite the low cost of University in Romania (about 600$ a year) these children aren't able to afford higher education. Without a degree, there is almost no possibility for the children to secure a stable job and avoid ending up back on the streets. Therefore, we decided that setting these children up for success after they leave the group home should be at the center of our attention.

Our short term goals are to raise money for those children who wish to go to University or professional training but can't afford it. Our medium and long term goals are centered around the ultimate objective of the children attending university abroad. This in no way means that a Romanian degree is not beneficial. However, a degree from a university in Western Europe or North America will increase the number of possible job opportunities available to them.

This is obviously a huge undertaking, but one we feel is well worth our time and effort. Our daily impact may go down in the short term; however, we believe that a focus on education will provide immeasurable benefits to the children in the long run. Hopefully you decide to join us on the journey!

Language and Education

For those children who eventually do study abroad, academic success will be tied to many factors. However, perhaps most important among these factors is that of foreign language proficiency. Without strong academic language skills, these students will not be prepared for higher education, despite a potentially high level of content knowledge in their area of study. It will be essential to first establish a regular rotation of foreign language teachers to the group homes in order to prepare the kids for the language requirements of attending university abroad. During this time, we will work to establish partnerships with universities in Western Europe and North America that will provide scholarships for the children, allowing them to study outside of Romania.