Curriculum Goals and Unit Objectives

Goal Statements


  • Know basic vocabulary associated with activities of interest and future professions
  • Be familiar we the more common/standard linguistic expressions of common speech acts associated with the activities of interest


  • Will have the tools to sustain newly acquired learning skills through autonomous practice


  • Feel motivated to continue studying English. Excited about…confident, enthusiastic


  • Students will be able to use speaking and listening skills to fully participate in camp activities (e.g. following instructions, completing tasks)

Unit Objectives: The Environment

Students will be able to:

  • Recognize and name in English common fruits and vegetables found in their garden, as well as the gardening tools used (quantity and errors to vary by age group)
  • List action verbs associated with the sports and unit activities they participate in (quantity and errors to vary by age group)
  • Differentiate between organic and locally sourced food
  • Identify seasonal foods found in Romania
  • Use “Wh” questions to ask for clarification of activity instructions
  • Employ the appropriate politeness formulas of greeting, thanking, and apologizing during camp activities
  • Correctly Interpret commands given by staff members
  • Explain how greenhouses work/what specific farm equipment does (explanation details vary by age group)
  • Compare Anglophone myths, legends and folk tales to Romanian ones (complexity of comparison varies by age group)
  • Identify different types of gardens and match them to their countries of origins
  • Design a garden plot for a community service learning project based on seasonal crops