About Us

Let’s Change The World

Every child needs to feel special and loved. And what better way to show someone you love and care for them than through a hug? Normally you think of a hug as something physical. But a hug is so much more than two people embracing when you think about the message it sends. It shows compassion. It shows empathy. It shows that you're worth my time and I will make you a priority. Isn't that really what we all want? We think so. And that's exactly the message we're trying to send. Our mission is to show orphans that people do care about them, they are special, and we will make them our priority.

Our origins

On our welcome page we talked about our goal of increasing the quality of life in Romanian orphanages. How are we doing this exactly? To understand our methods, you first have to understand our origins.

Originally, Hugs For Romania was nothing more than an informal effort to send donated clothes to the Placement Center Antonio. But after speaking with the director of the center, we soon discovered that clothes weren’t their first priority.

The director explained that they desperately needed toilet paper, soap, shampoo and anything else that was quickly consumed. We obviously wanted to help in any way we could, but we thought buying these necessities locally would be more practical than having them donated and then shipped to Romania. But in order to buy things locally we would need to raise money. In order to raise money, we would need to be a real charity. So we made ourselves official. We incorporated as a nonprofit on May 10th, 2011 and were granted 501c3 status on January 5th 2012.

So back to the question of what are we doing to increase the quality of life in Romanian orphanages? Initially, we focused on providing donations of money, clothes and other necessities to the children of our partner centers and homes in Constanta, Romania. The majority of donations came from the clothes drives we held at local schools and donations from those close to the cause.

Who We Are

“We’re people who care about making a difference. We’re people who care about those less fortunate than ourselves. We’re people who recognize that small acts can make a huge difference in the lives of others. We’re people who want to make this world a better place.”                                 - Founder James Slaton

Educational Initiative

Our goal since the very beginning of this project was to support the orphanages and group homes in Romania to the best of our ability. However, we ultimately discovered our efforts weren't sustainable in their current form. In order to provide the daily necessities for so many children, we needed much more money than we were able to raise from crowd sourcing and our own personal funds.

After much consideration, we decided to change the direction of our organization and focus our efforts on a long term solution for the success of the children we help. We brainstormed how best to do this and eventually came up with the one thing we feel is absolutely essential for the children's future: education. We still accept and provide donations of clothes and other necessities when possible, but our main focus is now preparing the children for academic, personal, and professional success.